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Disgaea D2: Meeeeh

Instead of trying to hold out for a sale, I went and got Disgaea D2, the sequel to the original Disgaea game, as soon as I discovered its existence in the Playstation store, and suffered buyer's remorse soon afterward. Though it does streamline the usual Disgaea experience in quite a few ways, in others it has been the grindiest Disgaea game I've played so far (and I've logged triple digit hours in every Nippon Ichi title I've gotten, so that's definitely not a point in this game's favor). Part of the problem may be that big advances in stats probably come more from getting, and then leveling, rare gear, but as always rare gear is very difficult to find, being luck dependent and all. Maybe I just haven't found the most efficient way to powerlevel, but given how previous titles have always had a couple of obvious exp/mana gain sweet spots I'm a little annoyed at the (relative) lack thereof in this game.

The writing also doesn't feel up to par, more fanfiction-y compared to other titles, with the humor flatter. Several of the new characters in particular have a very Mary Sue Self Insert vibe to them.

I'll probably still drop quite a few hours just getting all of the endings and completing as much of the post game as I care to do, but this is a game I wouldn't recommend even to a hard core Disgaea fan.


Sherlock is a BBC series re-imagining the mythos as it would be set in the modern day.

I've only read some abridged translated versions of the story as a child, so while I know the broad strokes of the Sherlock mythos (as well as the broad strokes of the fanon), I wouldn't be able to tell you the plot or even title of all of the works.

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Final verdict: I would definitely be interested in watching more of the show, but probably will not do it with my brother.


Thinking about moving to Tumblr

A bit tempted since there are a few BNFs on there that I could link to and increase my epeen.

EDIT: Et voila! http://dot-chan.tumblr.com is up. I'll start with uploading my old plot bunnies and short drabbles, but eventually I'll probably have all new material go on tumblr first.
Finally got around to watching "Skyfall", in hope of continuing the "tradition" of seeing all of the new Bonds in theater.

Skyfall does not disappoint except for minor bits of Fridge Logic. It hits all of the right notes, the call-backs to the older stuff isn't too cloying (except for the whole "what, were you expecting an exploding pen?" thing), and Bond is as snarky and smarmy as ever.

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...how Dotchan threw the entire Star Wars (movie) universe Off The Rails because she was bored.

A continuation/rewrite of a thing I wrote once upon a time, skipping over what would have been too much exposition and dialogue and going straight to the first major turning point.

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...and at this point I didn't really feel like getting too far into details, so have a list style summary of what I was going to have happen next:

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At some point I might at least write the epic confrontation scene between Darths Maul and Sidious, with me on the sidelines, but until then have some witty one-liners and shit that sounds all deep and profound because I love writing those.
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TF2 short

Because I like Scout being considerate (while at the same time still acting like his usual mouthy ass self), have this.
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(Though this "if" doesn't preclude me actually writing it, maybe.)
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...and that's what I have so far. It'll probably end with the Z fighters wishing for a happy ending for everybody, but I'm not sure how to get to that point.

And man, I've been into writing some super depressing stuff lately. Maybe I should look at more pictures of cute kittens.


Magnificent Bastard

This was somewhat inspired by an SFM thing I saw recently.

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Because this idea wouldn't go away, and I at least wanted to write a few scenes for it. (My ideas-provider buddy wants something involving llamas, but I haven't figured out how that's supposed to happen.)
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Something that's not TF2 related for once!

Have some Castlevania: Harmony of Despair stuff instead!

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