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Finally got around to watching "Skyfall", in hope of continuing the "tradition" of seeing all of the new Bonds in theater.

Skyfall does not disappoint except for minor bits of Fridge Logic. It hits all of the right notes, the call-backs to the older stuff isn't too cloying (except for the whole "what, were you expecting an exploding pen?" thing), and Bond is as snarky and smarmy as ever.

Okay, so the big bad planned getting caught, and played dumb, I can buy that. Did MI6 also miss that he was wearing false teeth? Sure, it makes for good drama to make the reveal, and I don't think it hid any sort of gadgetry, but I can't believe they didn't do a thorough search of him, find the false teeth, and then analyze it to death--that doesn't even have to happen on screen, it can just be mentioned that it happened.

I will miss Dame Judi Densch as M. I hope someone steps up in her place as the one woman who Bond can't sass, fast-talk, or charm his way out of trouble. (Miss Moneypenny doesn't really count, because she's obviously interested in Bond.)