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Mafia is a party game in which you have a group composed of "Town", among which lurk the "Scum" who are out to destroy them one by one. The Town may or may not have members with special "Roles" to help them, but they can always vote to "Lynch" one of their own during what is called the "Day" cycle. At "Night", the Scum go to work.

(For more information, Wikipedia is your friend. What follows is a proposed setup idea using standard Mafia-themed terms.)

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This is a sentiment I see occasionally echoed in parts of TF2 fandom, but since this is my blog I'm issuing my take on it:
I am sick and tired of how death is portrayed in most TF2 fanfics. Not only is Respawn seldom on, but everyone always reacts to someone's death in the most dramatic, over the top manner possible.

Excepting Arena, death is extremely cheap in TF2-land. Getting shuffled off the mortal coil only means you (or your replacement) comes back into the game after a brief delay. Assuming that full resurrection is in effect, then getting killed is only a minor annoyance, especially if the team is full of top-tier veterans who've been at it for a long time.

Even if that's not the case, all of the in-game and supplementary material suggest, if not spell out as indisputable fact, that nobody in the TF2 world have anything anyone would call even approaching normal morals, ethics, or worldviews. They are, at best, cold-blooded mercenaries, and at worst, sadistic sociopaths. Of course, they are still capable of caring for their teammates, but I very much doubt they would react in the way that I read them doing so in most fanfics.

There are ways to play the tropes played for black comedy in TF2 for drama beyond: "oh my God, [insert class here] died and he's never coming back!" Let's see some deconstructions of how Respawn work, or how horribly inept these classes are at living in the "real" world because it doesn't work like a video game, or explore the implications of their self-centered outlooks!


It's good old Ancient Chinese (and Japanese) Death Ray action time again, the game playing like most of the other games in the Warriors franchise with a few tweaks (I really should have read the manual first).

The lack of a hamtastically awful English track makes me slightly sad--and annoyed, since I'm playing on a regular non-HD television and the text is painfully difficult to read. The visual design is also slightly non-intuitive at times, with the path that I'm supposed to take getting lost among the ruined landscape.

After you're done with the main plot, there's still plenty of things to collect and do, but it's a task even fans might balk at. It's certainly a very fun time-waster, though.

Unfortunately, the Playstation version is only downloadable, but the XBox 360 version can, as far as I can tell, be rented. So I definitely recommend that you try it first, but then buy it on sale anyway because it does have pretty good replay value.


Disgaea 4: Hope You Like Grinding

The Disgaea series, of course, has always been a grindy game. But the fourth game in the series, despite adding some new twists to Disgaea's usual fare, feels like a step backwards. The difficulty curve is much steeper than its immediate predecessor, and going even through the main game gets tedious.

The writing is as sharp as ever, though, especially if you're well versed in anime, video games, and internet memes. I found myself genuinely chuckling even if I wasn't impressed with the rest of the plot.

I'd suggest playing it at a friend's house before making any kind of decision. I can't recommend buying this game at all, not even used, not even to people who are fans of the series.


Mr. Plinkett Reviews

Visit his webzone, get a pizza roll!

If you like the whole "caustic critic + vaguely related skit" genre of reviewer, than Mr. Plinkett is just the right balance of humorous, dark, and surprisingly insightful that will keep you entertained the whole way through.

If you don't, then you'll find the jokes repetetive and gimmicky if not outright offensive, and wish that the actually informative stuff came in a better package.

I kind of wish I found out about this guy before I got burnt out watching the Angry Video Game Nerd, Angry Joe, Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, Game Overthinker...etc. His opinions go deeper than "this makes me mad" and "I've seen [X] series Over Nine Thousand Times and I know what I like"--his Star Wars Prequels reviews especially is pretty much a "Filmmaking for Dummies" primer that is accessible to anyone. But I got bored with the B plot starting from the very first video very quickly, and I hope his character evolves beyond what he's made of himself so far.

I still recommend that you at least watch the Phantom Menace review, though. Enlightenment is worth the occasional homicide joke.


Somewhat dream-inspired potential flash game idea (also cribbed from other games I've played):

An game that's nothing but battles (with boss battles every X stages). In addition to getting exp, you also improve your special skills by using them, and doing certain things affects your stats--you can improve them by doing repetitive actions, or lose them by taking damage at the wrong time.

Haven't decided what classes to put in yet, but it'll probably be based around the general archetypes of Stone Wall, Glass Cannon, Lighting Bruiser, Fragile Speedster, etc. (Maybe have a class focused on buffing, and another on debuffing?)


(Unfinished 'Fic) Morale Booster

Started a tongue-in-cheek OC "Tenth Class" 'fic. Except half the plot (team falls apart due to jealousy and secrets coming out into the open) seems like it could happen without her, and I don't have enough of a grasp of her as a character (I literally have NO IDEA how she's supposed to look besides "has huge boobs", or what personality she has except "just as insane as the men") to keep going.

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(Unfinished) With Apologies to Franz Kafka

Started Yet Another Tentaspy 'Fic, and the good old Writing Block happened.

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