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Character Challenge 2

up to no good, X3
(Prompts for writing go here)

darecheung says: Write a situation involving Forseti and Falora, where the reader learns something about Forseti's past

He pretends to be all cool, but on the inside he's just a walking sack of emo; 211 wordsCollapse )



up to no good, X3
Because every story about a relationship needs one. ;p

Some context, to help you understand what's going onCollapse )

0mg noodity!!!!1111Collapse )

Yeesh, writing Shizuka's speech patterns are so frigging difficult.


Evolution of a story, continued

up to no good, X3
Decided to change narrators. Now things are a bit more detailed, but I still have no clue if it's understandable to anyone else.

I can't read your minds, people! Give me feedback!Collapse )

An exercise in Fiction-Making

meh, going to tldr again, thoughtful
The short story began, like most, as pure dialogue. Except this time, I decided to write it all down as is and sic it on my writing group.

Extreme RoughCollapse )

Then I figured that was too incomprehensible for everybody, so I typed up a quick script-style "cheat sheet".

Script StyleCollapse )

Then I thought, no cheating is bad, so I did a full-fledged prose version.

First Formal DraftCollapse )

Then I finally wrangled some feedback out of darecheung and refined some more stuff.

Revision 1Collapse )